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Siphiwo Consulting Services -

Siphiwo Consulting Services

The Siphiwo Consulting Services infrastructure allows coverage of a broad base of experience and skills to facilitate the smooth execution of the operational plan.

Temporary Staffing Solutions

Flexibility and the efficient use of business resources are vital in today's business arena to maintaining a competitive advantage, temporary staffing allows for business to acquire additional temporary staff to accommodate seasonal work, shut downs to accommodate plant maintenance and various project.
  • Skilled Artisans specifically for Projects / Shutdowns
  • Drivers
  • Blue Collar - General Workers
  • Semi-skilled labour
  • Admin/reception staff
  • Sales Staff (Internal & Representative)
  • Cater to Specific Client Temp labour Requirements
Siphiwo Consulting Services -

Permanent Placements

Recruiting the right candidate can be time consuming; by outsourcing part of the recruitment function you are able to concentrate on selecting and placing the right candidate. Siphiwo will advertise the position according to the brief, short list, pre interview and verifications and check before sending a candidate to be interview by you.
  • Artisans
    • Engineering and related industries
    • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Drivers
  • Admin Staff, Reception Staff & Office Assistants
  • Perm placements based on clients brief
Siphiwo Consulting Services -

Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Services

Catering to specific client requirements a unique customised cleaning solution can be developed to suit a specific budget or need. All personnel executing high level work are suitable trained to working at height using approved safety equipment.

  • High Level Cleaning
  • Specific Deep Cleaning
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • General day to day cleaning of Offices Blocks
Siphiwo Consulting Services -

Rope Access Abseiling (Inaccessible Areas)

Being members of the Institute for Working at Height Siphiwo Services adheres to strict industrial standards, all rope Access Technicians employed with Siphiwo Service is appropriately trained and certified competent with IWH (Institute for Working at Height or IRATA (International Rope Access Trade Association).

  • General Maintenances Inspection and Repair Services Marine, Industrial, Offshore & Civil
  • Painting
  • Wall & Window Cleaning and Repair
  • High Pressure Cleaning of walls, Roofs and inaccessible structures
  • Wall and Roof repairs
  • Flour and Grain Silo Maintenances and cleaning
  • Residential and office high rise window cleaning
Siphiwo Consulting Services -

Verification Service

Siphiwo Consulting Services - Siphiwo Services now offers Verification and Screening services using RefcheckTM Advanced. Used extensively in the Human Resources Management and Staff Recruitment Industries as a pre-employment and background screening tool, the verification services allows recruiters and employers to authenticate and verify personal details of candidates and possible employees. By improving transparency and disclosure it allows for informed decisions to be made prior to employment.
  • Credit Checks
  • Criminal Checks
  • ID Verification and Validation
  • Fraud Listing
  • Drivers Licence Check
  • Professional Drivers Permit
  • Matric Qualification Verification
  • Tertiary Qualification Verification
  • African Academic Qualification Verification
  • Global Academic Qualification Verification
  • Employment History
  • Professional Association Membership
  • Citizenship
  • Permanent Residency
  • Consumer Goods Council Business Background Check
  • Bank Verification Check
  • Director Member Confirmation
Siphiwo Consulting Services -